Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Journalism Class

brings all the boys to the yard and it is certainly better than yours. I love almost everything about it and I can't wait to talk about the Champions League match today of Arsenal vs Barcelona. That was intense and some great soccer. I said before that it's like an episode of TMZ. We all just sit around and talk about new news stories and laugh about them to our teacher who sits there leaning on one arm like that guy. Her nose is just as big but she is easily 4 times his size. She's nice enough but is older and has room mates. Either she has failed at getting a boyfriend, is gay or her room mates are her cats and the conversations she's been having with them are a serious issue to be brought up at a later date.
I do have one major problem in the class that I feel really awkward about. I don't know his name but he is the one that is obviously gay. Before I go off on this, and be labeled a homophobic person, I am just going to say that I'm not and my gay friends will easily back me up on this. This guy is so gay that I really don't think it's his natural gay. I know a LOT of gays and none of them (to include the drag queen one) are quite this gay. He's abrasive, has insulting undertones in his prose that the girls of the class that laugh with him don't catch, and he's exaggerating his mannerisms. Why I don't know. Maybe because he's surrounded by straight guys that are so obviously not straight-bait that he must compensate. I dunno. He's stereotypical and annoying about everything he does or says. He is more arrogant than is allowed and his actions mean that he's super gay, and you need to know about it. I don't ever say anything for a few reasons. For one, I'm a straight, white male veteran so instantly I'll be labeled as anti-gay. Another is because of the homophilic nature of the group around me. I can tell some of them are so pro gay that they instantly love every gay man. Despite that some are just annoying people and if I suggest that he should quiet down then I'm the enemy. (I bet that if a lesbian came in and started talking about how much they love vagina, all those pro gay girls would wig out just like all of the straight guys did because of this guy in our class) I just keep my mouth shut. This guy really made me question my usually pro-gay stance because it was his extreme gayness that was bothersome and annoying and not him. So I found the best help I could.
I talked to my friends Ty, Scott, Katlyn and Jesse, all gay/bi. I told them the situation, asked them if I came across as homophobic and if I had valid points or if I needed to go to sensitivity camp or something. They were all unanimous.
"Some gays are just bad gays" said Ty. "He sounds like he could possibly be new to being out in the past few years so he's enjoying what he missed out on. He'll learn that people don't really care if you're gay or not and you don't need to be in people's face about it."
"It sounds like you weren't annoyed by him being gay, you were annoyed by him being a faggot. There are clear differences" Scott assured me. "He's the kind of gay that shoves it around because someone wasn't nice to him about it at one point."
"I know you're not homophobic, you're a good guy, J.T., he just was abrasive." said Katlyn.
"Sometimes,"Jesse exclaimed "gays need to realize that the only way of true acceptance is just to be as subtle with their homosexual nature as straight men are. We don't have to hide anything but there's no reason to be the extreme of anything." I thought it was funny that he was saying that to me as he was putting guyliner on to go on stage at a drag show at Embers in Portland.
I was assured by them that he is just an annoying person. He insults everyone in the class except for this girl Sophia who sits next to me. He spent 5 minutes talking about how she would look fantastic in lavender while the teacher was trying to talk over him about material we were going to be tested on soon. We get it, you're gay and like fashion.

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